Robert Scott

Robert Scott


About Me:

My name is Robert Scott and I am a Personal Trainer at Les Mills Howick. I specialise in

and have a great passion for, bodybuilding. My goal and drive for both myself

and my clients is to build a pain free functional body whilst developing quality muscle!


My Philosophy:

So many of us go through life with imbalances, tight muscles, and poor posture,

especially in bodybuilding. Understanding mobility has been a key factor in my growth

not only in muscle but mind and strength too, so this is something I focus on with each and every client.


  • Two-time NZIFBB Men’s Physique Competitor
  • INBA Taupo South Pacific Champions Men’s Physique Competitor – qualified for the INBA Universe


Nutratech Products:

  • Nutrawhey – Grassfed, GMO-free goodness
  • Amino Juice – Zero artificial colours and a high dosage of BCAA’s per serve makes it an ideal choice


Yours in health