Myopro Gold 4.4lb


Looking for an ultra rich & creamy protein powder that is actually more effective than whey? We suggest you give Myopro Gold a try, it is the perfect Whey / Casein protein blend that was designed for unparalleled taste, texture and performance. With its thick creamy texture, it is the perfect protein to leave you sated when on a diet or restricted calories.

Straight to your door, all over New Zealand


• 22 grams of premium protein per serving
• Made with grass fed New Zealand proteins
• No hormones, certified GMO-free
• Perfect for sports recovery, building muscle, and burning fat


Time to try something new...

Research has shown that protein blends containing whey protein (fast) and casein protein (slow) do a better job with muscle recovery than whey protein alone. This is due to the perfect combination of whey and casein for immediate and sustained amino acid supply.

The casein also adds a rich creamy mouthfeel that makes Myopro Gold an absolute pleasure to consume. Myopro Gold is very low in calories, high in protein and with its dessert-like texture it is the perfect protein to enjoy when on a diet.


Benefits of a blend

It all comes down to the rate at which protein breaks down and releases amino acids into the blood stream. Amino acid supplementation via protein ingestion has been shown to be extremely efficient at elevating levels of protein synthesis. (1) What’s the best way of extending the release of amino acids? An elite quality protein blend. Introducing Myopro Gold

As mentioned above, whey protein is a fast digesting protein. This means it will give your muscles an instant shot of aminos. Casein protein, on the other hand, is a slow digesting protein, taking several hours to fully digest. The slow digestion of casein will allow for a steady stream of muscle building, fat burning amino acids to be released over the course of hours, not minutes.

Myopro Gold is a 60% casein protein and 40% whey protein blend that offers the following benefits:

• Elevated recovery from sports performance and/or workouts (2)
• Supports the body’s ability to burn body fat for energy (3)
• Increases overall fitness performance (4)
• For men, protein supplementation, in combination with an effective training program and diet plan, will help to naturally increase testosterone levels (5)


Delicious flavors

If you love NutraWhey flavors then you aren’t going to believe what we did with Myopro Gold. With its rich texture, this is, by far, our best tasting protein supplement ever!

- Peanut Butter Chocolate

- Double Rich Chocolate

- French Vanilla

- Mixed Berries


Do What’s Right for Your Body, try Myopro Gold today to experience the difference.



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Customer Reviews

Fantastic protein powder Review by Matthew
Flavor & usability
Value for money
Quality & effectiveness
Exellent value for money for nz made non-gmo whey casein blend. Great tasting no bad aftertaste, non-clumpy mixes well.
Has made a difference to my recovery times in the gym, reduced soreness after gym session.
Scoop was unfortunately at the bottom of the container so had to dig around for a bit.
Overall Awesome all round product. (Posted on 8/06/2016)
Excellent Value and Quality Review by Jason
Flavor & usability
Value for money
Quality & effectiveness
Unbeatable price, great formula and a great way to get casein and whey all in one easy package. Tastes nice, mixes well. Highly recommended. (Posted on 24/05/2016)
Good price. Good results. Review by Jake
Quality & effectiveness
Flavor & usability
Value for money
Great price point. Cheaper than antthing else ive researched. And I've found awesome results using this product in conjuction with creatine when compared to a standard whey + creatine for strength and 1RM gains (Posted on 13/05/2016)
Nice protein Review by Nigel
Quality & effectiveness
Flavor & usability
Value for money
Great tatsing protein and smooth. Like the science behind it , will be replacing my Whey with this. (Posted on 28/09/2015)

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