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Fit dollars FAQ


How do I earn FIT dollars?

Earning FIT dollars is easy and can be done by doing any of the below:

1. Registering at our store

You will be awarded 5 x FIT dollars for registering at our store

2. Joining our newsletter

You will be awarded 3 x FIT dollars for signing up for our newsletter (Please confirm you are logged in when you signup)

By being signed up you will also receive information on additional and unique ways to earn extra reward points

3. Buying products at our store

You will earn 2 x FIT dollars for every $30 you spend.

We regularly run specials where we give away additional extra FIT dollars for specific products. We usually anounce this via our newsletter or on Facebook and Google +

4. Being socially active

Every social share of our products will earn you 1 x FIT dollar, we currently limit dollars awarded to only one per day on social networks. We curretly support Facebook  and Google + for social sharing rewards. 

5. On you birthday

Each year you will be awarded FIT dollars on your birthday, our system currently can only allow one birthday per year per address

6. By writing product reviews

You will be awarded 2 FIT dollars for every review you write, you can only earn FIT dollars for reviews on products that you have bough from 


 How can I spend my FIT dollars?

Once logged in you will be able to spend your FIT dollars on the checkout page. Our current conversion rate is 2 x FIT dollars = $1 value in your cart.

FIT dollars  that you have earned will be valid for two months, dont worry we will send you a reminder of your balance and when it expires in advance.

Even if you spend FIT dollars on your checkout you will still earn FIT dollars for the full amount in your shopping cart.


FIT dollars Terms & Conditions

Nutratech Ltd reserve the right update the FIT dollar earning and spening policies at any time. If you require more information about the FIT dollar programme please feel free to contact us.