Not All Whey is Equal – Why New Zealand Whey Protein is Changing the Industry

Whey protein has been a staple of the fitness industry for many years. Bodybuilders and powerlifters were utilizing whey protein in order to achieve their size, strength, and power goals long before scientific research revealed the supplement’s true benefits. As amazing as the supplement is, not every whey protein product is created equal. Terrible industry gimmicks are robbing the consumer of quality, money, and results. If you want the highest quality protein available on the market then look no further than pure New Zealand whey protein. Let’s review how New Zealand whey protein by NutraTech is revolutionizing the industry, leading to better results while staying true to its natural origins.

The NutraTech Difference

While there are some great fitness supplement companies, there are many more that are awful. Some brands are capitalizing on the popularity of whey protein while shortchanging their customers by performing an act called protein, or amino, spiking. By adding in low quality amino acids, supplement companies can appear to have a higher protein content. The only person this hurts is you, the consumer.

What’s more, the milk that is being used to make the whey protein is typically sourced from cows that are on a processed feed and antibiotic-loaded diet. The low quality feed and antibiotics are being sourced to you as a result. So what can you do? Invest in elite quality New Zealand whey protein from NutraTech.

NutraTech New Zealand whey protein is sourced from free-range cows that are fed a wild grass diet. Most importantly, there are no added GMOs, hormones, pesticides, or chemicals. Cows that are fed a diet of wild grass have been shown to be healthier and happier. What’s more, the milk they produce is of a higher nutritional content. Good luck finding this kind of quality in any other brand.

Promotes Protein Synthesis for Muscle and Strength Gains

Hands down, New Zealand whey protein is most famous for supporting the protein synthesis needed for noticeable gains in muscle mass and strength. Various scientific studies and clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of whey protein for boosting muscle building while promoting your fat burning ability. (1, 2)

NutraTech’s New Zealand whey protein contains one of the highest amino acid profiles on the market. Once released into the body, these amino acids are vital as they promote the anabolic environment needed for results. (4, 5)

Supports Post Workout Recovery

The results that you see in the mirror are formed during the recovery process. Building muscle and burning fat is an act of tearing down and building up. When you rebuild the muscle fiber, it becomes stronger and more prominent. New Zealand whey protein is an essential part of the post-workout recovery process. In fact, many experts agree that if you can only drink one protein shake per day, you need to make sure you do so right after your workout.

New Zealand whey protein has been shown to neutralize the catabolic effects of Cortisol, a fight or flight hormone that is released in higher concentrations after your workout. Cortisol is a known agent of protein degradation, or muscle breakdown. That is the last thing you want to experience if your goal is muscle mass and strength. What’s more, whey protein will also help to reduce, or even eliminate, the soreness that you feel after a workout, allowing you to get back into the gym even sooner.

Boosts the Immune System

Another amazing benefit of New Zealand whey protein is the boost your immune system will get from consistent supplementation. Clinical trials have shown that grass-fed New Zealand whey protein is effective in supporting the health of your immune system. This is going to have a two-fold benefit. Your body will be more efficient during the repair and recovery process, which means less time away from the gym. What’s more, you will experience fewer instances of illness, again supporting your workout endeavors.


Every fitness enthusiast wants to build muscle and lose fat. The best supplement to support these goals is whey protein but only New Zealand whey protein contains the elite quality you need to succeed. The NutraTech New Zealand whey protein is made from 100% pure Grass Fed, GMO-free milk, containing 24 grams of muscle-building protein per serving. It is naturally fat free and low carbohydrate without the use of added sugars. If you want to support your fitness goals, then it’s time to stop wasting money of low grade protein supplements and start investing in yourself with NutraTech New Zealand whey protein.


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