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About us


Nutratech was founded in early 2008 with the single goal of manufacturing cutting edge supplements for the informed athlete. Outstanding quality and clinically driven formulas are the cornerstones of Nutratech’s premium product offerings. 

Nutratech is Proudly New Zealand Owned & Operated



All products are formulated based upon extensive research using the latest technology, scientific research and clinical trials. Our R&D pipeline is constantly in tune with the latest research, which is implemented in our on-going product development & enhancement of formulations.

Nutratech offers a comprehensive sports nutrition and healthy lifestyle product range. Our products are divided into the following categories:


Pro Series 
High performance nutritional supplementation for advanced athletes seeking to push their performance and aesthetic limits. Nutratech Pro Series consists of a number of cutting edge nutritional products that represents the latest innovations and technology available in the industry today.

Core Series 
An extensive range of clinically proven ingredients in its purest form.  Products support an array of goals including immune, recovery, muscle & strength, endurance as well as hormone support & optimisation.

Wellness Range
Nutratech offers a premium range of essential micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help improve vitality in both active and non-active individuals.